Free Horse Racing Betting Method

Horseracing Fans - Here is a Free Thoroughbred Handicapping Method

Take this money making horse racing system to the track today. Learn how trainers darken the form of their horses. Your horse racing buddies will be amazed by your new handicapping ability.

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Discovering good betting opportunities playing the ponies is not as impossible as a lot of people think. This thoroughbred handicapping method is extremely simple for you to use. It will be very profitable for anyone who has the initiative to carry out the system’s simple rules.

I will teach you the rules, and then I will tell you why the method works and review its advantages and weaknesses.

The Three Rules
First: The race must be a claiming race but it can not be a maiden claiming race. The way to tell if the race is a claiming race is by looking at the race description in the track program or in the past performances.

Second: Calculate each horse’s lifetime earnings per start. Use this simple equation to calculate the LEPS: (lifetime earnings) / (lifetime starts) = (lifetime earnings per start). You can find the horse’s lifetime earnings and lifetime starts in the upper right-hand corner of its listing in the past performances.

Third: Bet the horse to win with the highest lifetime earnings per start if its closing odds are greater than or equal to 8-to-1.

Why this Method Works
Horses have different levels of ability. That is why there are different class levels in thoroughbred horseracing. If a race horse is in good condition, he will win easily if he is dropped to a much lower class level.

Any horse that is selected by the method will almost certainly have in the past run successfully at much higher class levels. Most of these horses in general can’t be competitive at their former class level because of injuries. So they become “betting tools.” The trainers keep racing these horses because they are looking to use them to make money cashing large bets. The trainer knows that if the horse can get back to its original level of competition even for only one more race, it will easily defeat the lower class horses in today’s race. So because of trainer manipulation, the horses selected by this system win regularly and win unexpectedly without showing any signs of improvement paying very high odds.

The Advantages and Weaknesses
This angle is very lucrative over an extended period of time and will usually return a profit of twenty to thirty percent on each dollar wagered. The biggest problem of the method is the percentage of wins that will only averages from 10% to 14%. This means when you use this method you should expect to see large streaks of consecutive losers.

According to the laws of probability, the number of losing streaks for any handicapping method is determined by the method’s percentage of wins. Let’s suppose as an example that your win percentage was 14%, which is winning about one out of every seven bets. The anticipated largest string of consecutive losers for 1000 bets would be 34 losing wagers in a row. Based on this assumption of 14% winners, there would be 27 losing streaks of 10 or more losers in a row for each 1000 wagers. This would mean you would be losing 10 or more consecutive losers about 37% of the time while you are using this method.

Most horse players don’t realize that one of the most important factors to evaluate when considering any handicapping system is the winning percentage. If you would prefer a horse racing system which has a much greater winning percentage than this method, take a look at “The Indicator Handicapping Method” the featured handicapping method at